Workshop "Sculpture with Volume"

Spring greeting made of clay - thumb cups and animals

Head: Nina Lükenga, artist and art educator

In the workshop, the children should learn the basics of designing with clay - how do I roll a ball with my hands and make a bowl out of it? How do I shape a piece of clay into a cylinder and turn it into an animal? Simple, basic shapes become individual little works of art!

The children use their own hands, a wooden skewer and a knife as tools.
The designed workpieces can be painted with liquid engobe (colored clay) immediately after completion, which is similar to painting with acrylic paint. During the first biscuit firing, the engobe burns onto the underlying clay as a glaze layer and is then glazed over with a transparent, glossy finish in the second step.

In contrast to acrylic paint, the color of the engobe changes due to the firing - the colors appear much more intense and shine afterwards!

All necessary materials are brought for the workshop, only the room (work room) has to be provided. The finished pottery is packed in boxes and taken to be fired, the finished and transparently glazed workpieces are then returned to the school after approx. 2 weeks.

Suitable for primary schools from 1st grade

Instruction of the workshops: Nina Lükenga

Workshop 2 x 90 minutes; advance delivery of the material box and preliminary discussion

No course fees! Material costs per child: 3,00