Workshop "class memory" - Draw and play together

Head: Nina Lükenga, artist and art educator

Many common activities cannot currently take place for children, the games at home are "played out". The class memory offers the children the opportunity to design their own game and to try it out together in the class.

The playing cards can be made in any number of pairs, depending on the duration of the hours that are available. The motifs can be freely chosen by the children or created according to the topic. A topic could e.g. B. read: "What things do you keep in your knick-knacks box (e.g. spinning top, eraser, balloons ...)? Take a look at home and bring at least one of these things to class the next day and tell them where you got this item from. "Then draw the item twice on one of the pairs of cards." Or: “Draw the pet you would most like to have (or already have). There may also be exotic animals such as B. snakes, spiders, giant cockroaches ... draw the animal on one card and what the animal likes to eat on the other card! "

Alternatively, the cards can also be stamped on request, but the workshop would have to take place on site with the course leader.

The children can design the card motifs with either colored or felt-tip pens. These materials are required as existing school material and are not included in the delivery. The cards to be painted in the format 15 x 15 cm are delivered as blank cards (1 x 36 / 1x 40 cards + 19 pre-printed “Joker cards”) in a matching box. The "joker cards" are unique motifs that only exist once. They can (but don't have to) be mixed with the memory cards and increase the level of difficulty.

Suitable for primary schools from 1st grade

Instruction of the workshops: Nina Lükenga

Workshop 2 x 90 minutes, delivery of the material box in advance and preliminary discussion

No course fees! Material costs per child: 3,00


tags: Memory Play