WE ARE HERE! Henning Lichtenberg

A guest in the artist's studio

Click here for the video tutorial by Henning Lichtenberg

90 minutes of art class with a difference

  • Exciting insights into the atelier of
  • Artist Henning Lichtenberg
    Students ask, the artist answers
  • With the video tutorial directly from the artist to the stop-motion video

Yasmin visited the artist Henning Lichtenberg in his studio in Osnabrück and talked to him about his art.

In addition to painting, Hennin Lichtenberg focuses on digital work. Stop-motion films, among other things, in connection with painting, technology, or landscape represent a large area of ​​interest for the artist.

In 90 minutes, the students meet the artist via video link and then work out their own stop-motion video with the support of the hase29 art mediator.

If you like, you can publish your video on the hase29 website.


School classes, leisure groups of all ages