Catherine Lazaruk

A guest in the artist's studio

How is “Tape Art” created? The artist Katrin Lazaruk shows us how it works.

Yasmin was visiting Katrin Lazaruk and was able to find out more about her label “Made in Osnabrück”.

The artist and entrepreneur tells how she came to tape art and how she developed her very own pictures from cassette tape. In her work she deals with topics such as feminism and equality. The woman is a popular motif. Lazaruk uses her art, among other things, to break taboos. In addition, she reports on her individual commissioned work and describes what a day in her studio can look like.

In the following video tutorial, the artist explains the work steps for your own tape art picture.

The workshop is suitable for intermediate and leisure groups, 90 minutes or two double lessons. Accompanied by an experienced art mediator, the painting will take place. The 90 min. Workshop (also in hybrid form, accompanied by our art education team) is suitable for all learning groups from grade 5.



School classes, leisure groups of all ages