How by chance my life became a book

Writing workshop for young people (12-15 years)

Direction: Saskia Averdiek, artist

It doesn't matter what you write about, it's how you describe something.

This is the first of nine rules that Katinka's writing teacher teaches her pupil in Annett Huizing's book “How My Life Accidentally Became a Book”.

Katinka is thirteen and has a big dream: she wants to become a writer! One day she summons up all her courage and asks her neighbor, the successful and headstrong author Linda, for tips. With Linda's help, Katinka writes down her own story. 

In this writing workshop, the artist Saskia Averdiek tells you the story of Linda and Katinka. Then of course we become active ourselves: We process our own everyday experiences and observations into snippets of literature in a cozy atmosphere, read them to each other and talk about them.

Trial date: Friday, March 13.03.2021th, 16 18 p.m. - XNUMX p.m.
Zoom link will be sent upon registration
Participation is free.