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Published: 8. February 2021
What bats have to do with blog texts

“Should I write a story? Here, in my old place of work? In three parts too? To blogs? What was, what is and what will be? Oh dear, I will only irritate all the new readers who firstly do not know me and secondly are not used to my way of writing. Some of them will be there who were actually glad that I no longer swirl around here. Unfortunately you have to go through that now. Because just as I started blogging back then, simply jumping into the deep end without thinking too long, I'm going to be a guest blogger here. ”In 2015, blogger Robert Basic wrote and demonstrated how bloggers usually write: short and cheeky and smart.  (


So are blog texts something like a cabinet of curiosities for absurd writing ideas, therapeutic self-experiments or other banal everyday ideas? Hardly any other public format has changed public communication as much in recent years as blogging. Even if the level of aspiration and the subject areas of blogs have now further differentiated between consumption, design, wellness, culture and science - the classic fashion blogs are probably only so prominent because they are reported about again and again: blogging will in future be alongside other traditional ones Media to an increasingly specialized form of living and reading in our digital world. As a systematic art consumer, you can always make discoveries online: the art blog Contemporary Art Daily documents current exhibitions of contemporary art around the world  - a constantly growing collection of exhibition-related documentation views that will resize our visual experience of contemporary art in the future.

Like any other popular medium, blog texts have, of course, an everyday function - they are about entertaining surprises and other irritations. Here is a current example:

Hello future! Show yourself! Let's ask God for a moment, he's currently hanging on the ropes rather limply. “It's nice that someone comes by again. Thought I was going to go sour here. You ask about the future. It's like asking about the meaning of life. And yes, I've tried everything, in fact. In space, beyond all galaxies, I tried to hide it. In the end, however, I chose a place that humans would never find. ”“ And where should that be? ”Breathe in. Index finger to lips. “Very deep within the human being.” God laughs out loud. "Don't tell anyone, Psssst!"

(quoted in: Peter Felixberger, MONDAY BLOCK / 126- course book - 08.02.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX)

A central function of blog texts is apparently very quickly very much Generate attention. The imperatives of the early bloggers were therefore:  Less is more! Smart is not enough! But please not too demanding! Blog texts that unfold too lengthy complex trains of thought or even present much deeper idea experiments are usually not for blog consumers. Even if you do not necessarily expect to be confronted with deeper meaningful offers when reading blog texts, as an author of such a text it can be fun to break out of the limits of this format. Just as an example: Since I am interested in the ability to trigger my writing and your reading through surprising comparisons, I have been paying more attention to beautiful historical quotes for some time, which can then be easily combined with other things:  Engel, this is how the theologian Karl von Hase wrote in the 19th century metaphysical bats. Hand on heart: what do bats have to do with blog texts? Just because something is lagging does not mean that this comparison is unsuccessful. And also the blog text: Just because this text now encourages you to consume, it doesn't say anything about the sense and nonsense of blogging. The more I read what I blog myself and others, the less I am discouraged from forming my own opinion (maybe add: and publish it?).

It is especially true today that the end does not justify all means; you don't have to blog everything that you can write or read. But right now I'm reading Susan Sontag's little essay Writing is the art of reading (2000): “What I write about is different from me. The way what I write is smarter than me. Because I can rewrite it. "  Susan Sontag would certainly be an enthusiastic blogger today ...

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