Program 2022/XNUMX/XNUMX


proximity and distance

Perspectives on a society in a state of emergency

Exhibition program 2022

In the third year of the corona pandemic, the art space hase29 is dedicated to the experience of closeness and distance, which has become a basic condition of society in a state of emergency. To what extent do social codes of conduct and norms determine the relationship between closeness and distance in everyday life? Where are limits only hinted at or even crossed, for the benefit or disadvantage of the individual and society?

The exhibition series creates dialogues between works that make it possible to experience different levels of closeness and distance. Each individual exhibition offers unusual insights into the subject from different perspectives. The audience is invited to explore the complex dimensions of closeness and distance or of exclusion and inclusion through active or observing participation.

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Art also produces distances of its own kind. It forces us to make observations that question our social reality and its actors anew in their respective visual contexts and images. This creates alternative spaces, so to speak, which the audience can read as critical proximity, as comments on relevant contemporary problems. In this way, art becomes something that relates our dealings with social and aesthetic conditions in a new and unusual way.

In this respect, art has a special role to play, especially in this time marked by the pandemic, since it can explore the proportionality of proximity and distance - for example through the relationship between work and viewer - like hardly any other medium in order to create new levels of perception to open up and make taboo zones accessible.


See Me - Touch Me

25.2.2022 - 8.4.2022,

Pieter Bogers, Guillaume Bruere, Josephine Garbe, Benedikt Hipp


The themes are ambivalent mental and physical states between attraction and repulsion, seduction, voyeurism and obsessive surveillance.

Opening Friday, February 25, 17 p.m. – 21 p.m


20.4.2022 – 25.4.2022

media campus


I AM Milli

7.5.2022 – 16.7.2022

curated by Natasha A Kelly

With works by

Sonia E Barrett, Nathalie Angeuzomo Mba Bikoro, Zari Harat, Nadu Hormann, Ingrid Mwangi Hutter, Belinda Kazeem-Kaminski, Natasha A Kelly, Magda Korsinski, Maseho, Patricia Vester



bank empty

15.7.2022 – 08.10.2022


Exhibition and sculptural performance by the art duo bankleer in the art space hase29
26.8. – 8.10.2022

Friday, August 26.8.2022, 19 from XNUMX p.m. (opening)

Sunday, August 28.8.2022, 11.30 at XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. (matinee)

Saturday, September 3.9.2022rd, 18 from XNUMX p.m. (culture night) also in the city



Setting out, going, for a walk, strolling, strolling, roaming about, wandering, hiking, running, maybe arriving

curated by Ann-Katrin Günzel

17.10.2022 – 19.11.2022


The Düsseldorf-based dancer and choreographer experiments with the aesthetic means of expression of walking Daniela Georgieva in the art space hase29, which she uses as a field of action to relate her own body and self to the immediate environment and to others.

Performance “blank memory ob absence” by Daniela Georgieva Friday, October 21.10.2022, 19, 20 p.m. – 22.10.2022 p.m. and Saturday, October 16, 17, 19 p.m. – 20 p.m. and XNUMX p.m. – XNUMX p.m. (ticket reservations:

With works by the Düsseldorf artist Anett Frontzek


full of nothing

02.12.2022 – 28.1.2023

As part of our project series "Proximity and Distance", this group exhibition at the end of 2022 will also set a thematic conclusion by addressing the presence of absence.

In very different artistic approaches, the physical absence is taken up, which can manifest itself as emptiness or as a lack when the human being is no longer - or at least no longer in his usual form - located in the room. In most cases there are still traces of his presence, because proximity can also be perceptible when the body is no longer visible. Precisely this presence of emptiness is recognizable in most of the works, the works are full of “nothing”: closeness and distance, physicality and bodilessness meet here.