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Discover art, experience it together, develop it yourself, research, experiment

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For whom?

Children, teenagers and adults in groups, for school classes

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Supporters, sponsors of the mediation projects

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Discover art in mutual exchange.

What do we do?
Target group-oriented communication formats introduce the (art) works and thus enable participation in discussions and creative processes.

What does that do?
People with different talents and abilities can experience contemporary artistic techniques in their own creative work.

Workshops and hands-on activities are the focus of our formats. Workshop projects often take place alongside an event, which is the climax or conclusion.

Contact person for mediation

Nina Lükenga
Mobile: 0176 10330947

For whom?

Children, teenagers and adults.

Schoolchildren as a class
School classes, young adults, senior groups, people in need of support and parent-child groups are addressed.

We also offer other groups the opportunity to participate in projects. Offers for groups can be individually tailored, art should become an experience for everyone.

Contact person for mediation
Saskia Averdiek
Johanna Schuler

Phone 0541 - 58 05 13 96

Offers for children and adults

For children and teenagers

For adults

Summer holidays workshops for children 2022

An overview of all current placement offers

We adapt our offers in the field of mediation to the needs of our different target and age groups. Our goal is to give everyone easy access to the works on display and to broaden their view of the works of art. In doing so, we take up questions and topics that the artists have “pictured” in different ways in order to encourage the participants to enter into an exchange with their own perspectives. Talking about what you have seen and exchanging feelings are often important prerequisites for becoming creative yourself. Our team of art mediators develops specific artistic techniques for each target group, which can then be tried out by the learning groups in the studio. The different experiences from my own artistic practice flow into this, so that every workshop is different.

With artists in the studio

In summer 2020 we visited artists in their studios. In their videos they show what they do when they paint, draw, print or work with sculpture.
Each artist also demonstrates a technique in the video and invites you to take part. From stop motion videos with your own mobile phone to self-made glue to beautify the skateboard to self-painted puppet shows, there are a wide variety of suggestions for at home.

Our placement team

Ahmed Al Ghuri, artist

Yasmin Behrens, art educator

Jessica Fleming, artist

Susanne Heitmann, artist

Stefan Hestermeyer, media professional and student of cultural studies 

Nina Lükenga, artist

Karin Mennen, artist

Jakob Schöning, Architecture BA and art student

Magdalena Wedding, art teacher and artist


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