Time Capsule

September 17 - October 29, 2016

The artistic positions open up a variety of perspectives in order to experience TIME as a basic condition of human existence. Room and video installations, photographs, drawings, objects and paintings are presented. Time as an artistic process, time management, time strategies, experienced time, real time, simultaneity, world time, space-time, timepiece, time, point in time, timeless ... In the works of the artists, time can be experienced in a specific way. They address the sense of time, they illustrate time, irritate the sense of time or induce one to spend time without wanting to do anything useful.

Participating artists

- Rafram Chaddaz Boaz (Tunis / TUN)
- Satomi Edo (MS)
- Nicole Fuchs (CH)
- Christine Gensheimer (BI)
- Angelika Höger (BI)
- Christine Hoffmann (OS)
- Daphne Keramidas (Paris / F)
- Felix Kiessling (B)
- Laura Mareen Lagemann (MS)
- Reiner Nachtwey (D)
- Lars Rosenbohm (BI)
- Deniz Saridas (D)
- Hiltrud Schäfer (OS)


- Dr. Michael Kroeger
- Elisabeth Lumme
- Ellen Timmerman


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Accompanying events and mediation projects

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Sound of the city - a sound diary as a virtual city tour

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Sound of the city - a sound diary as a virtual city tour

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