Sounds of the city - a sound diary as a virtual tour

July 2020

Comic artist Oliver Grajewski and media professional Stefan Hestermeyer spent a week exploring various locations in Osnabrück with the participants of the workshop and examining them for their unique background noise. Both 360 degree recordings and audio recordings of both the atmosphere and individual noises that were characteristic of their surroundings were recorded.

A project of the Ruller Haus eV

funded by the dbv Total digital


These 360 ​​degree photos were artistically processed in a specially developed, experimental process. The noises were always the focus. Can you paint sounds? How can you represent sounds visually? These questions were asked many times this week and answered in various ways.

The results are summarized in a virtual tour through Osnabrück, which appears both familiar and surreal. In addition to the drawings, the various audio recordings are also used here. Depending on the direction in which you are looking in the virtual world, noises can be heard or disappeared.

From the rainy backdrop under the umbrellas on the Heger Tor to the noises of the shopping mile and to Neumarkt, whose current construction site appears in the virtual world as an outdoor pool with a beach, the tour invites you to concentrate consciously on which noises we take for granted in our everyday lives . The tour works particularly well with headphones. This way you can guess the direction from which a sound is coming.

The 360 ​​° ART project is funded by the Felicitas and Werner Egerland Foundation

Sound der Stadt was created in cooperation with the Ruller Haus and was funded by Totoal Digital