Krach Bumm Bäng Zack - drawing, text, film, sound

From comics to animated films. Tell the story with a picture and cut-up text

26.7. – 30.7.2021 daily 11 am - 17 pm in the atelier Kunstraum hase29

Age: 12-14 years, max 10 participants

free of charge, including meals

Heat, nothing moves or does it? This year we'll be capturing summer in our comics. Moving clouds, how does the rain fall, where there is a lot of sun, things are in the shade. and what does that look like in our drawings? Can you create your own texts and stories with collected and found text snippets (cut-up texts)? With comic author Oliver Grajewski and film professional Stefan Hestermeyer you create your own comic and turn it into an animated film.

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