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Published: 1. March 2021
Solidarity instead of malice

We are all becoming victims of those in power now! In the future, the state will determine our freedoms: No more flights! Have fewer children! Dare more left moralism and more eco-dictatorship! Warning: Now comes the climate lockdown! 

The theses of a current article in the FAZ on Sunday (of February 28, 2: Dare more dictatorship) of Rainer Hank, the bad guy Among the (FAZ) journalists: such an openly exhibited caustic polemic is a prime example of a non-solidarity discourse that is increasingly permeating our society and dividing it more and more consciously.


How can you as an author report on politics in such a polemical and malicious manner, which, although conceivable, would in no way be able to be implemented by a majority? Becomes Malice Today to a majority mood in this country, in which increasingly everyone distributes verbally against everyone else and the feeling that everyone is responsible for everyone in solidarity is increasingly being eroded ?!

This clearly right-wing conservative strategy has long been known: a tendency towards left-wing political development is exaggerated until it appears as a (sur) real option and thus, as it is today, the destruction of civil liberties. One thing is certain: one achieves media-effective attention because one claims to speak out apparently repressed truths in the name of truth.

What you get this way not wants to produce is the ability to give space to arguments from other perspectives as well. Such flat, malicious rhetoric may be popular in ultra-conservative circles today; It is certainly not future-oriented. Instead of formulating "Dare more dictatorship“- which, in retrospect, makes Willy Brand's motto of the late 60s ridiculous - it is better to put your own imagination into options that make it possible to put thoughts into the world that force everyone in society to think about it Participate instead of specifically burdening them with malicious resentment: "How does solidarity actually work? " 

Today in particular one has to ask oneself: how do artists actually react to this threat to their old and new (digital) spaces of freedom? How in solidarity do they act under today's conditions of increasingly questioned solidarity in society?  

Michael Kroeger

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