so urban! Art and city locations

September 21 - September 28, 2018

The invited artists visited the Osnabrück Neumarkt in the period from 21.9. Used as an experimental field until September 28.9.2018, XNUMX. This urban space, which at the moment presents itself as a construction site, was explored by the artists using various artistic means. Passers-by and residents were invited to interrupt their usual directions of movement and gaze and realign them.

You can find project documentation on tangency.

How can rooms, niches, entrances, lines of sight, materials and colors be made visible in a new way? How do things appear that are often overlooked in everyday life in new and interesting ways? Which interventions and interventions can change the perception of a familiar environment? A total of 8 artists invited with their works to take part in unusual actions and generate new attentions in the process. What do we like about urbanity, what do we perceive as disruptive, dangerous, critical?

While the actions and artistic interventions at Neumarkt / disappeared after a short time, the works of the participating artists could still be explored in hase29 - Society for Contemporary Art in Hasestraße 29/30 until November 17, 2018. The exhibition “so urban!” Offered the opportunity to reflect on questions about urbanity from different perspectives.

A cooperation with TOP.OS Verein für Neue Kunst eV

Participating artists

Clemens Behr
Stella Geppert
Jacob & Manila
Katerina Kuznetcowa & Alexander Edisherov
Diana Sirianni
Elizabeth Windisch


Dirk Manzke (idea)
Elizabeth Lumme
Tim Rossberg


Participating artists

in detail

Clemens Behr, “Medium Disaster”, 2018 Osnabrück © Photo Kerstin Hehmann | hare29

Clemens Behr

Medium disaster

An extensive installation that takes up the existing materiality on site and the architecture and tries to copy it. However, this is rendered in a deconstructivist and constructivist way. Urban furniture / architecture should be presented like after a constructivist traffic accident. An everyday humorous catastrophe.

Stella Geppert "momentary link",
Performance, 2018, Osnabrück © Photo Kerstin Hehmann | hare29 

Stella Geppert

Linking the moment, performance

Land surveyors, also known as geodesists, set themselves the task of determining the size and shape of the earth. At Neumarkt Osnabrück, Stella Geppert uses land surveying technology to capture the complexity of the location.
Four to six performers at a time sound out the physical, spatial and communicative aspects of land surveying. What are the limits of communication? How do interpersonal contacts work near and far? How long does it take for looks to find each other? How do social spaces relate to the big picture - the earth's body? In a choreographic measurement performance, the artist examines the emotional gaps between distant human measuring points.

Jakob & Manila, “Wonderful World”, 2018, Osnabrück © Photo Kerstin Hehmann | hare29

Jacob & Manila

Wonderful World

Passers-by in Osnabrück's Neumarkt are invited to an “information stand” by the artist couple Jakob & Manila to put on rose-colored glasses and explore the area. In a subsequent interview, the observations made by the participants, for example while walking in the area, are recorded. What unknown impressions could they collect? How does the visual change affect the perception of the environment? After the field exploration, the participants are asked to describe what they saw. The collected original sounds serve the artists as the basis for a video work.
Katrina Kuznetcowa & Alexander Edisherov, “Reassemble”, 2018, Osnabrück © Photo Kerstin Hehmann | hare29

Katrina Kuznetcowa & Alexander Edisherov


The artist couple use colored ribbons to weave a geometric pattern into barriers, which indicates the "encrypted" problem of the Neumarkt: two different halves, which are interwoven by jagged lines, become a coded signal image for the Neumarkt. Created on the border between the old and new town, this place in the center has retained its shape as a dividing line to this day. The wickerwork in the barriers stands for a functional change and for new images: the barrier becomes an information carrier. For the project "Tangency 2018" the artist couple will weave on several barriers on Neumarkt for a week. At the end, the wickerwork is carried in a procession from Neumarkt to the art room “hase29”, where they can be viewed in the exhibition “so urban!”.
Diana Sirianni, Neumarkt, 2018, Osnabrück © Photo Kerstin Hehmann | hare29

Diana Sirianni


Photographs of selected areas of a facade are alienated by the artist through digital manipulation. These image motifs are applied to the corresponding facades in the form of large-format prints and thus create an irritating effect. The apparent duplication of the photographic motif and facade results in optical shifts that strain the eye and tempt you to take a closer look. Diana Sirianni creates a spatial photo collage that looks like a stage on which she moves together with passers-by. Comes in two days Diana Sirianni talking to passers-by and inviting them to become part of their artistic intervention.

Elisabeth Windisch, "oT", 2018, Osnabrück © Photo Kerstin Hehmann | hare29

Elizabeth Windisch


The Neumarkt is visually characterized by asphalted areas, barriers and permanent temporary guidance systems. In the city center, which appears chaotic due to construction sites, the artist uses safety beacons to build a wall approx. 3 m high and 9 m long over several days. On the one hand, the order and colors of the elements act like an irritating barrier between the pedestrian area and the traffic area, on the other hand, an unusual pattern attracts the attention of passers-by. Passers-by are invited to convert individual elements and create new three-dimensional patterns.