smart nature

June 9 - August 11, 2018

Today, in the early 21st century, nature no longer appears to us as the wild, untouched and unknown side of our society. Today nature is literally made readable, programmable and usable. Much today appears to have been artificially awakened to new life - also and especially in nature.
But where exactly are the new borders between artificial life and inanimate nature today? What fantasies are embodied in a dead piece of plastic turf? How can alum, an inorganic salt compound, suddenly create images of artificially generated growth?

The participating artists question the changing concept of nature in their works in different ways. Often they work on the interfaces between artificiality and nature and reveal how our relationship to nature has shifted through the aesthetic experience of artificial growth processes. “Smart Nature” does not formulate a vision, but an artificial creation that has become reality, which makes many things appear possible. Our current image of nature has never been so artificial and art so non-natural as it is today.
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Participating artists

Tobias Becker
Fabian Burgy
Andrew Gehlen
Vlatka Horvat
Gereon Krebber
Dominique koch
Peter Moller
Elizabeth Windisch


Michael Kroeger
Elizabeth Lumme
Tim Rossberg