March - June 2019

The video SHEHERAZADE by Sophia Pompéry and Sebastian Riemer focuses on a moving surface of water that moves back and forth meditatively in a calm rhythm. Only at second glance do you recognize the fishing line in the light reflections, which dips almost invisibly into the depths of the water. 

Pompéry's poetic video work plays with our perception and invites us to look closely. In the title of the work the artist gives us a literary hint: Sheherazade is one of the main characters from the Persian stories of the Arabian Nights.
She tells the king a new story every night in order to avoid death.
In this finely meditative work, the artist deals with the element of water and at the same time with the aspect of perception and the continuity of narration. As in her installation Luv and Lee, which she realized together with Lena von Goedeke in hase29, she subtly and astutely shows the viewer how ambivalent and puzzling our perception is.

2014, video installation

1:42 min. Loop, color, no sound, HD, 16: 9

Participating artists

Sophia Pompery
Sebastian Riemer