space for collaborations
with Nike Finger Hamborg

Duration of the exhibition: 13.05. – 05.08.2023
Opening on Friday, 12.05.2023, 19 p.m.

space for collaborations

As a platform for Osnabrück artists, the art association hase29 opens a "space for cooperation". In connection with the theme of the year 2023 "Togetherness - The Dream of a New Community", contributions are exhibited here that are preferably based on ideas of community, empathy and care, are implemented collaboratively or promote cultural participation.

The selected works are presented in the exhibition room as well as in the display case on the right, which is barrier-free and can be viewed around the clock outside of opening hours. As a place of visual seduction, the shop window already fascinated modern artists and to this day well-known artists use the potential of these (semi-)public presentation areas as artistic exhibition areas beyond commercial interests.

Nike Finger-Hamborg, Endless, Bramsche Clothmaking Museum, 2023,
Photo: Angela von Brill

Nike Finger Hamborg

In dialogue with the exhibition "A teahouse for Osnabrück" presents the Osnabrück artist Nike Finger Hamborg (*1963 in the Rhineland, lives in Osnabrück) her works in the "room for cooperation". Since her early childhood, the textile and paper artist has devoted herself to traditional handicraft techniques such as sewing, embroidery and crocheting, which she uses on a wide variety of materials: Nike Finger-Hamborg used narrow strips of paper for the work “The space in between” (2022). crocheted into a semi-transparent structure that unfolds an installation effect. At the center of her works are interpersonal connections and communal togetherness. In the exhibition in the art space hase29, visitors are invited to get to know the artist’s working methods and to crochet small balls themselves from seemingly endless strips of paper, which fill the right display case over the course of the exhibition.


exhibition opening
"A tea house for Osnabrück" and "Space for cooperation"

Friday, February 12.05.2023th, 19, XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

Cordial invitation to the opening of the exhibitions "A Teahouse for Osnabrück - Studio Quack" and "Room for collaborations - with Nike Finger-Hamborg" with a short introduction, drinks and music!

in the presence of the artists


19.30 p.m. – Welcome by the board + short introduction by the curators Jasmina Janoschka and Wiebke Hahn

20 p.m. – Drinks and music from DAR:WIN (Dark Garage, Bielefeld)

Entry is free!