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Sound window in the hase29 –
Improvised dialogues between art and music

The concert series “Klangfenster in der hase29” will continue – with established jazz greats and exciting newcomers!


10.12.2023 - 19:30 o'clock / Buy a Ticket


Julia Brussels, violin

Marie Daniels, vocals

Emily Wittbrodt, cello

Maria Trautmann, trombone


11.01.2024 - 19:30 o'clock / Buy a Ticket

Frank Gratkowski, saxophones, clarinet

Kazuhisa Uchihashi, electric guitar, daxophone

Exhibition opening:
hase29 in the hall – Jasper Tiemeyer

Wednesday, December 13.12.2023th, 19, at XNUMX p.m. in the foyer of the OsnabrückHalle

As part of the exhibition series “Hase29 in the Hall” presents the paintings of Jasper Tiemeyer.

Exhibition opening:
Marathon of Drawing VI

Monday, December 18.12.2023, 19, at XNUMX p.m 

Following the working week, the works created on site will be presented as part of an exhibition.

artists Joost H. Becker, Wilfried Bohne, Caro Enax, Beate Freier-Bongaertz, Frank Gillich, Elena Gluth, Manfred Heinze, Eva Lause, Peter Möller, Michael Perlbach, Eva Preckwinkel, Robert Stieve, Marion Tischler, Monika Witte