Polychrome – Jazz goes Art
Art action at the Polychrom Jazz Open Air

Saturday, July 10.06.2023th, 15, 23 a.m. - XNUMX p.m
Catherine's Church + Ledenhof (Osnabrück)

As part of the Polychrome Jazz Open Air Festivals the art space hase29 is organizing an art event with seven Osnabrück artists, who will create works of art with a wide variety of materials on seven site fences distributed across the site.

True to the motto "Jazz goes Art", the campaign offers visitors the opportunity to experience jazz music and contemporary art in combination.

Joost Becker, Mike Beermann, Joscha Heinrichs, Elena Kok, Katrin Lazaruk, Jakob Schöning and Jasper Tiemeyer

Curated by Azim F. Becker

There will also be an art education pavilion in which children can express themselves creatively.

Entry is free!

The art event is sponsored by the Herrenteichslaischaft, the Lions Club and the Musikbüro Osnabrück.