No one is no one – Stefanie Trojan and Markus Vater

Duration of the exhibition: 13.02. – 08.04.2023
curated by Friederike Fast and Jasmina Janoschka

The double exhibition "No one is no one" with works by the artists Stefanie Trojan and Markus Vater emphasizes the importance of interpersonal interaction and is dedicated to the topics of "encounter", "empathy" and "care". Against the background of the corona pandemic, the ongoing acts of war in Ukraine and the threat of the climate crisis, the question of what holds society together internally is becoming increasingly urgent.

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On social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, almost every aspect of one's life is shared with a large audience every minute. At the same time, face-to-face interpersonal encounters seem to have become more difficult and we are taking less and less responsibility for each other in our society - even though numerous challenges of our time can only be solved together.

At the center of the exhibition "No one is no one" are fundamental questions about being human and about shared experiences. The videos, photographs, drawings and performances by the two artists Stefanie Trojan and Markus Vater enter into a lively dialogue in the art space hase29 and at the same time stimulate the exchange with and between the visitors.

Stefanie Trojan

Surprised based on local conditions Stefanie Trojan (*1976 in Neu Ulm, works in Frankfurt am Main) often attracts audiences with their performances. By unexpectedly intervening in everyday situations, she breaks with the viewer's habits and expectations and questions their behavioral patterns. It is usually very simple, subversive actions or questions that confront her counterpart. Despite the simplicity and directness, her performances develop a complex effect. Not only are they humorous, they are also deeply touching and encourage you to take a fresh look at current topics and critically examine your own attitude. In this way, the artist creates not only interpersonal situations but also effective images.

Photo: Stefanie Trojan, supple, 4-week performance, Royal Gallery, Munich 2006, photo: Petra Schmid © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022

Markus Vater

Markus Vater (*1970 in Düsseldorf, lives there and in London) captures the absurdities of everyday life in his works and at the same time creates poetic metaphors and tongue-in-cheek stories that make you think. His often laconic, surreal drawings and comic-like animated films, but also his performances are not only an expression of an empathetic connection with other people, but also with other living beings in general. So here the concept of "care" is correspondingly broader and also applied to the earth with its more-than-human fauna and flora.

Photo: Markus Vater, About Loneliness, Mobile, 300 x 300 x 200 cm, 2015 © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2022