moving but minimal
Music and dance performance of a special kind

6 October 2019

The art space hase29 becomes a stage for music and dance. On Saturday, October 26th, between 11 a.m. and 17 p.m., two professional piano and one amateur musicians will play under the direction of Daria Bergen.

The six-hour permanent performance “Moving but Minimal” is based on the minimalist composition Canto Ostinato by Simeon Ten Holt, which offers the musicians plenty of scope for variations. Daria Bergen, who studied at the Institute for Music Osnabrück, directs the modern contemporary work. Alina Josephine Blas, Tena Baric and Samuel Gestrich as well as amateur musicians play with her on changing instruments. You responded to an appeal and, together with Daria Bergen, rehearsed the smooth transitions.

For the piece, Erneste Junge and the Stakkato dance theater are developing a minimalist dance network that makes the melodically repetitive musical structures of “Canto Ostinato” tangible both visually and spatially. In the 6-hour music and dance performance, the audience is also invited to participate in the choreography in order to immerse themselves experimentally from the moment in this type of contemporary music and to implement it in a dance with simple, flowing movement patterns. The Stakkato dance theater is well known in Osnabrück and beyond with its multimedia performances and stage pieces of contemporary dance, live music and video clips. The choreographer and dancer Erneste Junge has been working on an interdisciplinary basis with visual artists and musicians since the late 80s.
Photo: Angela von Brill

Participating artists

Daria Bergen
Pillwoo Chun
Felix Jansen
Juhee Lee
Boy David Mackenroth
Gleb Chepki
Eva Preckwinkel
Marion Alfing



The video contains excerpts from the performance “Canto Ostinato” in the art space hase29 on November 5, 2016. The composition by Simeon Ten Holt (Bergen / NL 1923 - 2012) was played by six musicians over a period of six hours .

Daria Bergen | Gleb Tchepki | Felix Jansen | Boy David Mackenrot | Juchee Lee | Pilwoo Chun

In parallel, the artists created Eva Preckwinkel and Marion Alfing a spun thread. The audience was invited to participate.

Camera: Thorsten Alich, werk.statt

Cut: hase29


Photos: Lev Zilber