Windward and Lee

ROOM INSTALLATION by Lena von Goedeke and Sophia Pompéry

February 15 – March 30, 2019


Fine white sand meanders over the floor surface - the installation by Lena von Goedeke and Sophia Pompéry gives the hase29 exhibition space the atmosphere of a changeable and at the same time timeless landscape. Text fragments hidden under the sand are exposed in the air stream or made to disappear by drifts. Everything appears fleeting and fragmentary.


In the installation LUV UND LEE, NATURE appears as an erratic image, as a sublime place of intervention in which the minimalist scenery creates an underlying disturbing irritation. Before our eyes and under our feet, “windward and lee” literally turns into compelling questions about ourselves and our ethics in dealing with an endlessly “used” nature ...

Even with Caspar David Friedrich, landscape was not a really calming place of refuge. Today the experience of nature is completely different. “Luv und Lee” pulls the viewer deeply under its spell: How do we perceive space and ourselves when the ground beneath our feet is moving and unstable? Can “windward and leeward” also be seen as a dystopia of ominous change? "The world ice is melting, a huge fading-out - and we are experiencing this at a pace that is dramatic in relation to the" long times on earth, "says Hartmut Böhme. Everything appears in this terra incognita between art and nature aLuv and Lee form the first cooperation between Lena von Goedeke (* 1983) and Sophia Pompéry (* 1984). A common starting point for the subtle, ambiguous works of both artists is their interest in scientific phenomena. Pompéry and Goedeke deal in detail with borderline perceptual situations: with their own sense of absurdity, they show how unreliable, ambivalent and puzzling perception is and how, in particular, our ability to respond to natural processes behaves.

“At first nature was a model, today it has become an afterimage of art. “(Martin Seel) The depths of nature have always fascinated people and up to the present day. Today in particular - unlike in earlier times - we are no longer just indifferent viewers, but more and more we begin to fear the consequences of our interventions on planet earth and already suspect what could happen to nature and us.

ls fleeting and fragmentary. But a utopian residue remains: "The measurement of the world is negotiable, and it is up to us to approve the tools for it or to do something completely different with it."


Participating artists

Lena von Goedeke Sophia Pompery



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