August 17 - October 12, 2019


"A picture is built like a house"

The artist Tim Cierpiszewski shows his work "LIKE A HOUSE" in the Society for Contemporary Art Osnabrück eV, hase 29.

The artist Tim Cierpiszewski feeds linear grids, forms and patterns into the spatial structure of the society for contemporary art, hase29, with the greatest possible precision. The colored works that fill the wall develop a visual pull. Inspired by the minimalist compositions by Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart, the artist designs a variety of dynamic, sonorous patterns. The title of the exhibition is also based on a quote from Vordemberge-Gildewart: “A picture is built like a house”.




The 41-year-old designed three walls with wall-filling color prints that seem to burst open the room. His work offers a variety of incentives to discover and search for reference points. Tim Cierpiszewski: “This is a picture remix. Differences and analogies in particular play an important role. ”As in current media and pop culture, a large number of images are used in his installation and transformed into something new and unique. 

Tim Cierpiszewski places three walls in the room, referring to a single sloping side wall from 60s architecture. As a result, the clear structure of the exhibition space, a former supermarket, is shifted almost clockwise. While seven rectangular columns create a central depth effect, the arrangement of the mobile walls and their dynamic design with wall-filling color prints create a new, sometimes irritating spatial structure of inclines and diagonals. The installation of mobile walls in the exhibition space goes back to Mies van der Rohe's architectural vision, which he realized, for example, in 1929 for the world exhibition in the Barcelona pavilion.

Tim Cierpiszewski was born in Bottrop in 1978. He first studied philosophy at the University of Essen. From 2003 he began to study fine art at the Kunstakademie Münster. In 2009 he became a master class student.

Like a house. Tim Cierpiszewski. romm installation at hase29. Photo: Angela von Brill
Photo: Angela von Brill

Participating artist

Tim Cierpiszewski