Art story writing workshop for adults

Head: Saskia Averdiek (artist)

Time seems to stand still in photos, paintings and drawings. But involuntarily we ask ourselves which stories are hidden behind it. What are Edward Hopper's characters that stare out of the window or sit lonely on bar stools hiding? What is Magritte's wife with the umbrella thinking, looking so pensively at the sea? And what life stories are hidden in Robert Doisneau's famous Parisian photographs?

The artist Saskia Averdiek, together with the participants, pursues these image impulses in varied writing exercises, encourages them to make photos and images speak, to put their sensual details in words, in small stories and to create linguistic images themselves.

Trial date: Saturday, March 13.03.2021th, 10, 13 a.m. - XNUMX p.m.
Zoom link will be sent upon registration.
Participation is free.