What Difference Do You Make?

Exhibition tour through Christina Kramer's screen printing exhibition

In a short Video exhibition tour Irma and Yasmin go on a discovery tour through the exhibition “What Difference Do You Make” by Christina Kramer. You look at the large-format screen prints and a room installation. In doing so, they examine the pictures and discover how to distinguish a screen print from a painted picture. In the hase29 studio, Irma and Yasmin try out screen printing technology for themselves.


Experiment with the screen printing technique

The artist Christina Kramer demonstrates how you can print with foam rubber. Click here for the video - Try it out and do it yourself! 

Workshop for school classes and youth groups, 90 min.
Supervision by an experienced art mediator. Screens and colors are provided. 

Contribution for material costs 50, - €


What is it about?
Different selfies!

Irma and Yasmin take a look at the exhibition Ripe time - between departure and nightmare around. You are sitting on a large sofa made by the artist Britta Thie. Because there are many charging cables in the sofa, the artist has named the seating furniture “power bank”. If you want, you can charge your cell phone there and meanwhile watch a film on a large TV screen that the artist shot with young people in a shopping center. The film is also about Power Banks and um Selfies, that can make life really difficult at times.



can children and young people of different ages

Suitable for a lesson of 90 minutes and more or for at home!

What can you do?

With the support of the hase29 placement team, pupils become active themselves. You experiment with technology and create your own works of art. Those who wish can present them to the public in an online gallery.

In a new way and with the help of digital media, hase29 art mediation links new media-supported forms of communication in schools and youth facilities and experimental art forms.

Interested teachers and supervisors can contact us at e-mail mail@hase29.de Report.


The Department of Culture of the City of Osnabrück is funding the project with 4500 euros. “Children and young people take a look behind the scenes, ask their questions to artists and become active themselves - this combination convinced the jury. An approach that has never existed before. We are looking forward to the results, ”says Patricia Mersinger, head of the city's cultural department.

This project is part of the so-called “culture marathon”, a special funding round due to the Corona crisis. The culture marathon is a joint project of the Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp Foundation, Felicitas and Werner Egerland Foundation, Evangelical Foundations, Sievert Foundation for Science and Culture, the Sparkasse Osnabrück Foundation and the City of Osnabrück. The City Council of Osnabrück made an additional 250.000 euros available for this.

Press contact: City of Osnabrück, Heiko Mitlewski | Department of Culture | Tel. 0541 323-3217 | Email: mitlewski@osnabrueck.de

Our placement team

Yasmin Behrens, art and migration educator and media professional Stefan Hestermeyer in collaboration with numerous artists and Irma, who goes on a journey of discovery with Yasmin.