Concert series at hase29 curated by Shabnam Parvaresh

October 26 – April 5, 2023


Tickets for the individual concerts can be purchased on the adjacent link of the respective dates.

Concert series at hase29 – improvised music meets visual arts. On October 26.10.2022, 29, a concert series by saxophonist Angelika Niescier and double bass player Sebastian Gramss will start at hase29, in which top-class jazz musicians will meet in duo format. The series entitled "Klangfenster in der haseXNUMX" was curated by the Osnabrück-based freelance artist and musician Shabnam Parvaresh and has set itself the goal of giving jazz lecturers who teach at the Osnabrück Institute for Music a stage in the city . Musicians from the region will also be there. The focus is on improvised duo concerts without prior rehearsals. “It shouldn't be about giving conventional concerts with material that has already been recorded. Rather, it is a one-off, spontaneous dialogue.




26.10.2022 Buy a Ticket

Angelika Niescier + Sebastian Gramss

16.11.2022  Buy a Ticket

Laura Totenhagen + Ralph Beerkircher

14.12.2022 Buy a Ticket 

Tamara Lukasheva + Christian Thomé

13.01.2023 Buy a Ticket

Anne Mette Iversen + Andreas Wahl

23.02.2023  Ticket link follows

Willem Schulz, Joachim Raffel + Gudula Rosa 

15.03.2023 Ticket link follows

Jan Klare + Anja Kresing 

05.04.2023 Ticket link follows

Anna-Lena Schnabel + Leif Berger



Participating artist

Angelica Niescier, Sebastian Gramss, Laura Totenhagen, Ralph Beerkircher, Tamara Lukasheva, Christian Thomé,Anne Mette Iversen, Andreas Wahl, Willem Schulz, Joachim Raffel, Gudula Rosa, Jan Klare, Anja Kresing, Anna-Lena Schnabel, Leif Berger




Shabnam Parvaresh