In Between: Video Screening

October 18-20, 2019, 19 p.m.

We use the renovation phase for a spontaneous three-day exhibition "Video Screening 1".

Various videos and art films by various artists are shown on screens, large-scale projections and as an installation work. These are abstract, narrative, performative and drawn films.

Entry is free!



"Handshake" Werner Kavermann, 2015

“What does art do?” Werner Kavermann, 2015

"Cloud Love Boat" Wolfgang in the Wiesche | Nikolaus Gojowczyk-Groon, 2016

“Misere Melanie Harder, 2019

"In the mirror" Melanie Harder, 2019

"Neighbors" Ella Malin Visse, 2019

"Wasps" Ella Malin Visse, 2019

“Three o'clock” Helene Büker, 2019

"Monologue for three" Azim F. Becker, 2019

“Red Fat Cat” Klaus Hoefs, 2016