hase29 in the hall

Karen Mennen

Duration of the exhibition: 20.01. – 13.03.2023

From January 20th, the artist Karin Mennen will be presenting her works in the OsnabrückHalle. The art space hase29 has taken on the curatorial direction.

The third exhibition continues the series "Hase29 in the hall", a cooperation between the OsnabrückHalle and the art space hase29 - society for contemporary art Osnabrück. The series of exhibitions that started a year ago regularly presents works by Osnabrück artists in the foyer of the OsnabrückHalle.

Karin Mennen's art is shaped by the Wadden Sea, on whose coast the artist grew up. Her lively brushwork follows her intensive experiences with wind, sun, ebb and flow, the constant change of weather and seasons. She has known the sea since her childhood on the dike, bathing supervision on the beach, as a mudflat guide and artist.

The special feature: She paints with egg tempera, a traditional technique with which the artist produces her own paints. This allows her to experiment with the materials found in nature. She immerses the canvases – often for days and weeks – in the Wadden Sea. The resulting traces of mudflat sedimentation on the canvas, shaped by weather and tides, become the starting point for her dynamic painting.

After studying free art (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Art Academy Düsseldorf and University of Osnabrück), Karin Mennen has been working as an artist in Osnabrück and on the coast since 1992.