GOPEA - Gallery of Pre-Established Art

May 27 - June 18, 2016

55 pictures from 13 German art universities - the art space hase29 presents pictures of promising university graduates, compiled by the GOPEA initiative.


The young collection owes its creation to a novel idea to promote young art. Two art lovers, unfamiliar with the subject, but full of enthusiasm, want to track down artists at the beginning of their artistic careers and make their works accessible to the public and collectors. Jürgen Schomakers and Rainer Robben founded the GOPEA - gallery of pre-established-art initiative based in Nordhorn. In its diversity, the collection presents a cross-section of current painting and graphics in Germany. Two institutions that are committed to promoting young art, the Society for Contemporary Art Osnabrück eV and the Gopea Initiative, met in their founding phase. The new concept, which is intended to pave the way for young artists to enter the art world, will be the subject of an event within the framework of the exhibition.

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Participating artists

Adriana Dobreva
Agnes Mrowiec
Alexander Wagner
Ana Gropp Kondic
Anastasia Blehm
Anna Bart
Anna Hartelt
Artyom Chepovetskyy
Charlene Hahne
Christian Claus
Claudia Knuth
Cordula Sumalvico
Daniel Homann
Dave bopp
Ekaterina Hildman
Ella Becker
Emese Kazar
Eunji Seo
Evgeny Gottfried
Florian Thate
George Lutz
Hye Kyoung Kwon
Ines Spaniard
Jan Jansen
Jan-Hendrik fur
Johanna Mangold
Joseph Ferns
Judith Grassl
Julien Philipe Fettkoetter
Karin Christopher
Katharina Baumgartner
Khrystyna Rymsha-Davidov
Leah Elisa Schaefer
Lydia Thomas
Mark Eibert
Marie Athenstadt
Max Brandt
Melanie Kramer
Miriam choice
Myriam Mayer
Naomi Liesenfeld
René Dietle
Ruth Kroll
Sebastian Dannenberg
Selmina Lee
Shalva Berekashvilli
Stephen Geyer
Stephanie Neuhaus
Susanne Kocks
Tobias Hein
Tony Mundry
Valentine Mack
Wieland Birkner
Yeonsoo Kim


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