From luck in misery - working in and out of isolation

Opened on December 10.12.2020th, XNUMX | expected to end in February

"Working from happiness in unhappiness in and out of isolation"


The art space hase29 presents works by 16 artists from the time of the lockdown. The corona pandemic has shown the world, our society and thus all of us limits: in psychological, social, economic and medical terms. We all - each in our own way - have had experiences with limits. For many people, the home office transforms their own four walls into a space in which new normalities have to be tried out.

Participating artists

Renke Brandt, Luzia-Maria Derks, Jonas Fleckenstein, Lotfi Ghariani, Kerstin Hehmann, Christine Hoffmann, Zandra Harms, Gunilla Jähninchen, Lucas Kuster, Gabriele Undine Meyer, Reiner Nachtwey, Kai-Uwe Onken, Cornelia Rößler, Sophia Schomberg, Elisabeth (Lis ) Schröder, Matthias Surges 


Michael Kroeger
Elizabeth Lumme
Lena Wolters


Photo: Kerstin Hehmann
Everything at a distance, 2020