dimensions from absence

December 02.12.2022nd, 28.01.2023 – January 2.12.2022st, XNUMX, opening Friday, December XNUMXnd, XNUMX

Curated by Ann-Katrin Günzel, Michael Kröger, Elisabeth Lumme, Hermann Nöring

With works by Kati Gausmann, Lena von Goedeke, Alicja Kwade, Filip Markiewitz, Bjorn Melhus, Matthias Stuchtey, Shigeru Takato, Christine Wamhoff/Tim Rossberg, Jürgen Stollhans


As part of our project series "Proximity and Distance", this group exhibition at the end of 2022 will also set a thematic conclusion by addressing the presence of absence.

In very different artistic approaches, the physical absence is taken up, which can manifest itself as emptiness or as a lack when the human being is no longer - or at least no longer in his usual form - located in the room. In most cases there are still traces of his presence, because proximity can also be perceptible when the body is no longer visible. Precisely this presence of emptiness is recognizable in most of the works, the works are full of “nothing”: closeness and distance, physicality and bodilessness meet here.


The exhibition ends on January 28, 2023


Photo: Tim Roßberg/ Christine Wamhoff