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16. - 21. December 2016

Art from the refugee studios: Over 260 refugee children, young people and adults took part in weekly courses and holiday workshops in the art and music projects of the Adventure Art Association for a year. Aesthetic education is understood here as a cultural transfer in both directions: The exhibition impressively presents the variety of different perspectives and forms of expression. It gives us a differentiated overall portrait of the participants.
The projects took place in cooperation with seven language classes in Osnabrück schools as well as the municipal music & art school and the Westwerk community center.


Lower Saxony State Office for Social Affairs | Child Protection Association | "Right in the middle" program | Socioculture Fund | Friends of the city's music & art school



Sievert Foundation for Science and Culture

Duties of the foundation are the promotion of research and teaching, education, art and culture as well as international understanding. The foundation realizes its projects in particular in connection with the University of Osnabrück and the University of Osnabrück. Artistic and cultural events are primarily supported in the Osnabrück region and should have an international connection.