Exhibition and dance performance

Setting out, going, for a walk, strolling, strolling, roaming, roaming, hiking, running, maybe arriving.

With works by Daniela Georgieva, Anett Frontzek and Kati Gausmann

curated by Ann-Katrin Günzel

21. October to 19. November 2022

Opening 21.10.2022 19 p.m. – 22 p.m

The exhibition and performance project “Stepwise” as part of the “Neighborhood and Distance” series held at Kunstraum hase29 this year addresses the elementary form of exploring space through the (continued) movement of walking. The focus is on the dance performance blank memory of absence the Düsseldorf choreographer Daniela Georgieva (*1979) The four international dancers Hugo Le Brigand, Mihyun Ko, David Kummer and Josephine Luke Simonsen explore the art space in an on-site choreography by using walking as a means of aesthetic expression and thereby evoking ephemeral images and impressions, that linger as memories.

Photo: Nathan Ishar 

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Approaching each other, searching, by crossing paths, showing traces and courses, the dancers will feel their own field of action and thus relate the body and the self to the immediate environment and to the others. Proximity and distance can be felt and experienced in this way, everyday actions and experiences are renegotiated, life paths are taken and playing with absence and emptiness is shaped in our consciousness. (Costumes: Judith Schroiff, Sound: Lisa Klinkhammer, Room Design: Martin Pfeifle)

During the rehearsal week from October 17-21.10, 2022, sporadic insights into the rehearsal process will be possible. The audience is invited to observe short sequences in the making, before "step by step" with the performance BLANK MEMORY OF ABSENCE on October 21.10. is opened. Following the opening weekend performances, the footage Nathan Ishar will make during rehearsals will be shown in the art space.

The pictures of the Dortmund artist Anett Frontzek (*1965) take up the theme conceptually in that the artist removes the surrounding space from hiking maps with the help of a scalpel and leaves only selected paths, resulting in a fine network of accessible lines. Hiking trails remain visible where they otherwise only serve as paths to reach scenic destinations, and thus mark lines of movement full of curves, bends or curves, through which being on the move happens, which enables discoveries and broadens the horizon.


Fig. Anett Frontzek, Arbon, Switzerland, (detail)

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Walking step by step, as becomes clear both in the performance and in the images, always means access to the world. In order to offer this access to the public in a participatory manner, there is an invitation to walk during the performance and exhibition project, an appeal to rediscover everyday space, as can be found in numerous artistic practices since the 1960s, be it dance, performance, Land Art or Walking Art. Various instructions that are available in the art space lead to a step-by-step exploration of the surroundings, which allows the search for personal traces and paths amid the speed of accelerated mobility of our efficiency-conscious reality of life.


19.10.2022 public rehearsal 14 – 14:30 p.m

21.10.2022 opening
with welcome and introduction to the exhibition project
19 am - 20 pm Performance blank memory of absence

Other performances:
22.10.2022 at 16 – 17 p.m. and 19 – 20 p.m

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Admission free, instead we ask for a donation

The exhibition ends on November 19, 2022


Participating artists

Blank Memory of AbsencePerformance

Concept and choreography: Daniela Georgieva

Choreography and dance: David Kummer, Mihyun Ko, Josefine Luka Simonsen and Hugo Le Brigand

Music: Lisa Klinkhammer
Costumes: Judith Schroiff
Room design: Martin Pfeifle
Video & Film: Nathan Ishar

Exhibiting artist: Anett Frontzek