Be Absolutely Concrete - Drawing Worlds

June 22 - August 3, 2019


The exhibition “Be Absolutely Concrete” presents works by the international artist collective The Drawing Collective, supplemented by selected works from the hase29 open call.


24 + 7 international artists refer in their work to the formal language of constructivism and concrete art. New forms of expression in the mirror of the present open up a broad spectrum, from reduced pencil drawings to ink and charcoal, eraser needles, ballpoint pens, complex spatial line structures to color-intensive pictorial inventions. The exhibition reveals references to the reduced Bauhaus vocabulary of forms, as well as to the Osnabrück-born artist Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart with his geometric-abstract compositions.


Be absolutley concrete. Draw worlds

Drawing includes, among other things, a general activity that abstracts from reality: the draftsman divides the world on paper using a few lines, strokes and colored elements into a fictional and visible world of a composition - but always also into the undrawn white remaining spaces. A drawing is created in our consciousness through the few constructed lines that form a certain order and the many possible relationships that the viewer can think of as a separate world. For almost all artists in the Drawing Collection, an international artists' association that essentially communicates with one another digitally, this specific definition of drawing applies. The title of the exhibition is an allusion to a very well-known dictum of modernism: the French poet Arthur Rimbaud coined the formula Il faut être absolument moderne (19) in the 1873th century - an invitation to yourself to keep the spirit of the present so modern and present and to formulate it as contemporary as possible. At the same time, one can also discover drawings in this exhibition by artists who work less constructively than exploratively, i.e. who explore traces of movement of the sign, the production of a drawing in its processuality or the limits of the medium of drawing.

Drawing means sharing (in the visible / invisible) but also always communicating yourself. In trying to understand what I see in a drawing like a world on a small scale, I rely on language. Based on what I have actually seen, I can associate something new that goes beyond mere drawing. In the microscopic scribble drawings by Michael Perlberg and Anton Brüll, for example, we easily lose our bearings, while many of the works in the Drawing Collection, which consist of colored lines and surfaces, look like diagrams and visual arrangements that tell us something about how we ourselves are in an abstract, concrete way move with our own eyes on a screen. What I draw and what I imagine by drawing becomes concrete as a drawing - and increases the scope for dealing with our common world.

 Michael Kroeger

Participating artists

The Drawing Collective:
Christine Boiry
Anne Brochot
Liz Davidson
Elena Dombrovska
Ellen Golden
Munira Naqui
Michael Perlbach
Barbara Halnan
Daniel G Hill
Jeff Kellar
Erdem Kukukkeroglu
Emma Langridge
Danielle Lescot
Jean Luc Manguin
Marilyn Chapin Massey
Frank Mauceri
Marion Piper
Tineke Porck
Grieteke Roosma
Diane Scott
Jamel Sghaier
Bogumila Stroina
Truong Thanh

hase29 selection:
Oliver Bekiersz
Anton Bröll
Caro Enax
Frank Gillich
Manfred Heinze
Nora Hüsemann
Julia Lia Walter


Jamel Sghaier
Elizabeth Lumme
Heike Hocherl
Michael Kroeger