At the very moment when the world is set up, everything fades away. The power of habit has blinded us to the global space of events piling up behind our backs. Events and issues we face are outside of our collective experience, outside of our affluence. The relationship of trust between us and reality has been badly shaken. All those things that flow through us and around us that we are intimately connected to in conflicting ways. Doesn't the best way out of the crisis lead through our exhausted present?

We take a closer look at this movement in our new work xxx. In summer 2022 we are showing sculptural performances in an installation landscape at the Society for Contemporary Art Osnabrück. The sculptures oscillate between shape and shapeless; they share a web of relationships of discourse and loss of control; they shout, recite, sing and rumble their way through their own contradictions and the discourses surrounding them. At best, confusion and surprise bring new thoughts and doubts to established routines.

bank empty sketch

Sketch bank empty