BAMBI GOES ART - The banal in art

December 1, 2018 - January 26, 2019

660 UHT milk packaging, copper pipes, standard hardware store utensils such as light bulbs and plastic packaging material, neon writing that can be read as God and Good, an air mattress made of plaster, an artist portrait made of sausage shapes - the mundane part of today's exclusive art has long been become.


Photo: Angela von Brill

What makes the banal so interesting for artists? Is the banal and the banalized something like the true and beautiful of the 21st century? It is true today that almost everything has become a commodity; beautiful and beautiful, it becomes exhausting when the seemingly banal suddenly changes our view of our life. And thus also created an occasion for a transformation into art. Precisely because the banal seems so familiar to us through endless reproductions, its objects move precisely on the boundary between art and everyday life, non-art and transformed industrial products. When moments of magical transformation suddenly arise from objects of an everyday and banal, how does this experience change our view of our present? How limited would our (everyday) life be without the irritations and cheeky unreasonable demands of contemporary banality?

A cooperation with St. Marien and the Diocese of Osnabrück

Participating artists

Benjamin Bergmann
Renke Brandt
Claire Fontaine
Via Lewandowski
Michael Müller
Thomas Rentmeister
Tobias Rehberger
Achim Riethman
Marion Carpenter
Susan Tunn
Erwin Wurm


Michael Kroeger