10 m³ art dialogues - Artistic interventions in the showcase hase29

The art association hase29 is continuing the project “10m3 Art Dialogs”.

In order to counteract the forced isolation and the retreat into private life in the Corona period, artists have the opportunity to work in the outdoor showcase of the art space in order to be able to enter into an artistic exchange. The approximately 10 cubic meter walk-in showroom is a field of action for artistic interventions from the beginning of May until the summer holidays.


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Financed with funds from the “Kulturmarathon” of the city of Osnabrück and “Lower Saxony twists up”, the art space hase29 would like to use these commissioned works to make artists in the Corona era visible and to support them with a minimum fee.

Participating artists

- Katrin Lazaruk (29.03-09.04)
- Elena Kok and Jakob Schöning (10.5-23.5)
- Margit Rusert and Renate Hansen (24.5-6.6)
- Marvin Knopf (28.6-11.7)

-Joscha Heinrichs (12.7-25.7)

-Mansour Sarrami (26.7-8.8)


Tape art artist Katrin Lazaruk marked the start of a series of eight art activities in total up to the summer of 2021 with a multi-layered installation made of cassette tapes.

The artist Mansour Sarrami is currently continuing the series of projects. His paintings and drawings can be seen from July 26.07th to August 08.08th.

Participating artists

in detail

At the beginning of the project, the tape art artist Katrin Lazaruk developed an installation made of cassette tapes, tape art pictures and bizarre masks. Your work could be viewed from March 29.03th to April 09.04th.

Photos: Katrin Lazaruk

© Angela von Brill

The artists Renate Hansen and Margit Rusert equipped the showcase with changing drawings, sculptures and reliefs made of packaging material under the theme "Circles". Her artistic process was concluded with a performance / reading on June 05.06.2021th, XNUMX. You could listen to the artists reciting their own texts and poems.

Photos: Margit Rusert and Renate Hansen

© Angela von Brill

At the moment, passers-by can see the creation of a multi-media and multi-layered wall installation (until July 25.7th). The art student Joscha Heinrichs is developing a new image motif on site and combining new realities ('virtual and augmented reality') with dystopian landscapes in painting and photography.


Photos: The artist Joscha Heinrichs

© Angela von Brill


From May 10.05th to May 23.05rd, the art students Elena Kok and Jakob Schöning worked in the showcase. They developed abstract paintings that showed street art elements, lettering and drawing elements, among other things.

Photos: Elena Kok and Jakob Schöning

© Angela von Brill

Marvin Knopf developed a wall sculpture made of differently colored fabric tubes. Based on his abstract paintings, the shackled geometric object evoked associations with human organs. 

Photo: The artist Marvin Knopf

© Angela von Brill and Marvin Knopf

Mansour Sarrami concludes the project with the works “Early Morning” and “Late Night”. The paintings show surreal and dreamlike cityscapes and reveal the unreal-looking interior of the building. Steps, walls and levels can be seen, which intersect and build on one another. Sarrami's multi-layered paintings are peppered with details, such as human-like faces.

Photo: the artist Mansour Sarrami

© Angela von Brill