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History of the club

Since 2016

hase29 - Society for Contemporary Art Osnabrück eV, is a young, ambitious art association in Hasestraße 29/30 in the city center of Osnabrück.

Founded in early 2016 in a former shop by around 40 active artists and those interested in art, the association regularly presents exhibitions and projects on contemporary art in its hase29 exhibition space and in the public urban space.

The aim is to make contemporary art more accessible to a broader public and to tap the potential of artistic research for dealing with the present with current exhibition topics.

Participation in the social discourse as the main idea

The audience is at the center of both art projects and our inclusive and integrative education programs for children, young people and adults. Target group-oriented communication formats introduce the works and thus enable participation in discussions and creative processes. People with different talents and abilities can experience contemporary artistic techniques in their own creative work.

hase29 offers space for young talents and outstanding artistic personalities who are addressed both by invitation and through public tenders. Artists appreciate hase29 as an exhibition location with high artistic standards; The public sees the art space as a meeting place for people who are looking for ideas for dealing with artistic topics and innovative social issues.

hase29 - Society for Contemporary Art closes a gap in Osnabrück's cultural life. After all, the association has made a name for itself as a creative player both in the city district and within the changing cultural landscape of Osnabrück after a short time. The association lives from the civil commitment of many and honorary work of individual people. With its sponsors and partners from business and politics, the association develops civic engagement. The association is open to everyone who advocates diversity and artistic-creative exchange.

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The studio has a modern ventilation system and offers space for groups of up to 16 people under corona conditions. The renovation was made possible with funds from the DVA's NEUSTART KULTUR program

fltr Klaus Thorwesten, Barbara Macke-Droit, Elisabeth Lumme, Sigrid Teichert, Reinhard Sliwka, Norbert Kalker | not pictured: Dr. Herman Queckenstedt
Photo: Angela von Brill | hase29 | in February 2023
Artwork: Stefanie Trojan

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Club structure

The organization

Board of Directors

Sigrid Teichert
1st Chair (Architect retired)
Barbara Macke-Droit
2. Chair (retired study seminar leader)
Norbert Kalker
Treasurer (CPA)
Klaus Thorwesten
Secretary (former managing director of the Lagerhalle eV)
Reinhard Sliwka
Assessor (lawyer, former head of culture and social affairs of the city of Osnabrück)
‎Dr. Herman Queckenstedt
Assessor (Director of the Osnabrück Diocesan Museum)
Elizabeth Lumme
Assessor (co-founder and former director of the art space hase29)

Advisory Board

Dr. Michael Kroeger
(freelance curator)
Hermann Noering
(former director of the European Media and Art Festivals / EMAF)

Artistic Director

Jasmina Janoschka
(program, communication, mediation)

Friederike Fast
(Program 2023)


Supporters, members and sponsorship packages

The art space hase29 is supported by

Project sponsors

We thank our sponsors for supporting our projects!

Lower Saxony is turning up: program for solo self-employed starts

Under the motto "Lower Saxony is turning up", the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture is now supporting self-employed artists.

Sievert Foundation for Science and Culture

The foundation's tasks are to promote research and teaching, education, art and culture and international understanding. The foundation realizes its projects in particular in connection with the University of Osnabrück and the University of Osnabrück. Artistic and cultural events are primarily supported in the Osnabrück region and should have an international connection.

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Regional Association Osnabrücker Land e. V

The regional association promotes culture and heritage in the city and district of Osnabrück.

He realizes this task not only through the implementation of his own projects, but also to a large extent by providing project-related financial support to other organizations under certain conditions.

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Ministry of Science and Culture

Funding from the Nds. MWK serve the general promotion of the art association. In addition, investments in the infrastructure were made in 2020

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With funding from the NEUSTART KULTUR program, we were able to carry out a renovation to expand the floor space of our studio. A modern ventilation system ensures a regulated exchange of fresh air and a healthy indoor climate. Under Corona conditions, groups of up to 17 people will find sufficient space and work opportunities.

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Volksbank Osnabrueck

As a local bank, Volksbank Osnabrück eG feels obliged not only to its members and customers, but also to the Osnabrück region. That is why it promotes sustainable projects in a variety of social, cultural and social areas within its business area year after year. This includes, in particular, financial support for non-profit institutions, associations, schools and kindergartens.

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Maleki GmbH

Thanks to the support of the Maleki company, it was possible to equip the former Schlecker shop with a new floor.

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Culture marathon

The city of Osnabrück and the Osnabrück Foundations want to offer cultural workers financial support in the corona pandemic.

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Supporting members gold

Prof. Dr. Hans Wolf Sievert

Supporting members silver 

Supporting members bronze

Osnabrück Hall
+ Further, anonymous members and sponsors.

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